The NueStep Approach

Heel, foot, or ankle pain is often more than just simple discomfort; it can be a symptom of more serious trouble, such as:

Fortunately, our expert team of doctors and the advanced treatments we offer, including the innovative NueStep procedure, may treat those symptoms and get you back to living pain free.

The first step is getting a proper diagnosis. Whether your condition has a simple solution or requires a more complex treatment, our foot specialists can provide a full range of treatment options. And with medical breakthroughs, such as NueStep, many patients only require a minimally invasive procedure, with less pain and shorter recovery time.

The advent of NueStep has also allowed us to specialize in one of the most advanced ways possible to treat painful nerve entrapment of the foot and leg. Our highly trained specialists can accurately diagnose and, if needed, release the pressure, or “decompress” the entrapped nerve, for long-term relief of your painful symptoms. This cutting-edge approach represents a major improvement in the treatment of chronic foot and ankle pain when other traditional treatments have failed.

In addition to NueStep, we offer other minimally invasive treatments, such as Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release, so please contact us to see if you are a candidate for one of these advanced procedures.